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As an 80s baby age I got into all the classics from a young age. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Power Rangers. Heck I even saw the dawn of the internet. Nerd culture has always been a part of my life.From Saturday morning cartoons, to comic books I have been consuming this culture. Collecting the toys, playing the games. I loved every aspect of it. However it wasn't until adulthood that I actually attended a Con and got introduced to cosplay.My wife and I got involved with a non-profit cosplay group and we loved doing charity events and hospital visits. This lead to us attending our first con for a fundraiser event. We had a blast and fell in love with the whole scene.This led me to collaborate with friends I had met in the space to create a podcast. Tommy Doan and Linsey Boone were my first Co-hosts for Con Culture Podcast. We began attending cons and covering all things pop culture.The show has evolved and I have new co-host but the mission remains the same. To shine light on this amazing comic con community. Through highlighting cosplayers, creators, and Events.

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