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Henry “Trey” Grun III aka HGIII Cosplay! I guess it all started as a 90’s kid with a group of teenagers called the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!Like most kids with their childhood heroes, I wanted to be and dress like the Red Ranger so badly which led to dressing like Batman, Peter Pan, Indiana Jones and many more. Eventually when dressing up for Halloween or spirit week at school wasn’t enough to suffice my love for becoming my favorite characters, I finally discovered the cosplay community while attending film school in Orlando, FL in 2012.Ever since my first cons at Star Wars Celebration and MegaCon I have been absolutely hooked! From taking group photos with fellow fans of our favorite fandoms to interacting with a kid that thinks you are THE Wreck-It Ralph, I can’t ever see myself stopping this new passion of mine.As much as I love to cosplay, it is not my only passion. I also discovered the world of podcasting in Orlando and have been ranting behind a microphone ever since. Podcasting has been an outlet for my obsession with the entertainment industry, mainly movies and television hence my pursuit for the craft in film school. I love a good story and the many methods to tell one. Whether it’s a movie saga, mini series, live action, animated you name it!Both cosplaying and podcasting has led me to the people in my life today that I consider to be my family. When I’m not dressing up or geeking out, I love to cook for friends, try new restaurants, hang out by the pool, take road-trips and make new memories.If you’re still reading this… pee pee poo poo

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